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Sharing Info About Automotive Accessories

Hello, my name is Keenan. Welcome to my site. I am excited to talk to you about automotive accessories. The first car I purchased on my own was a rundown sedan from the 1970s. The vehicle lacked the basic amenities found in modern cars, including cup holders. I quickly learned to embrace the value of universal automotive accessories. The accessories helped me update my vehicle’s interior and exterior with modern components. I will share ideas you can use to upgrade your own outdated vehicle with these accessories. Please feel free to utilize the information on my site to improve your ride.

Child Vehicle Safety Tips

As a parent, keeping your child safe while you drive is likely one of your primary concerns. But trying to figure out how to ensure her safety can be challenging. So many things can go wrong, how can you be sure you cover everything? Here are some child vehicle safety tips to keep in mind. 1. Install Car Window Tinting As you drive, the suns rays can come right through your car's windows, causing heat build-up, skin damage and even sunburn. Read More 

3 Cool Ideas For Flatbed Trucks

Whether you're roasting in the sun or need to pick up mulch, flatbed trucks create a number of interesting opportunities. Here are three unique ideas for fun you can have with your flatbed.  Create a Parade Float One of the best things about a flatbed truck is that it has a solid base with no cap, so you can build on it securely. If you have a child or friends who are going to be in a parade, consider using your flatbed truck as the base. Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Build The Ultimate Wooden Offshore Boat

If you want to enjoy the freedom of the open waters, an offshore boat can be a great way to do it. There are many choices for boats, which can include modern fiberglass and wooden boats. All of these require regular maintenance, but a wood boat is something different, especially if you build it yourself. Building a wood boat can be a lot of fun, and even if you buy one, there is some maintenance that will need to be done. Read More 

FAQ About Rolling Tarp Systems

Are you opening a dumpster rental business and will be delivering them to customers?  One of the main things that will come in handy for your business is rolling tarp systems. There are actually multiple benefits that rolling tarp systems can provide. Take a looks at this article for the answers to some of the questions that you might have concerning rolling tarp systems. What is a Rolling Tarp System? Read More 

Tips To Protect Your Car From Rust Damage In Coastal Areas

Living in a coastal area can be hard on your car, due to salt spray and the salt in the air. The presence of salt increases the likelihood of rust on the exposed parts of your car. Fortunately, you can help guard against this issue by following the tips below. Tip #1: Keep under cover One major source of salt is in salt spray or in mist or fog as it settles. Read More